Frequently Asked Questions

When is the game played?

Game times will vary between states. Check your bingo organisations website or social media page to find out when the next game is scheduled.

Where is the game played?

Big Break Bingo is played at home. You don’t need to leave your house! Check the date and time of your session so you know when to tune in. You can watch the game on your PC, smart phone, tablet or smart TV by visiting

Where can I get tickets?

A link will be posted on your bingo organisation’s website or social media page. Simply follow the link to the registration page. Once you have completed the on-screen registration form your tickets will be emailed to you.

How do I play?

You will receive a sheet of 6 tickets for the session. You can open the ticket file to check your tickets at any time between purchasing and the start of the game.

Option 1 – Play on Your Device
Tickets can be played on most devices such as your PC, tablet, phone or laptop. As numbers are called, touch the number to mark it. Marked numbers will have a red cross. If you mark the wrong number simply touch it again to remove the cross. At the end of the game you can use the clear button to unmark all numbers ready for the next game.

Option 2 – Print and Play
You can print your sheet of tickets multiple times so that you have a sheet for every game. For example, if there are 10 games tonight you will need to print 10 copies of your bingo tickets.

How do I watch the game?

The tickets you receive will be for ONE session. The session date and time will be shown at the top of your ticket. There will also be a reminder in the email you receive.

Just before the start time visit and wait for your bingo host to start the game. There will normally be a countdown on the video so you know when it is due to start.

What if I have a winning ticket?

You will receive an email confirming your winning ticket. You may be asked for some verification details. The place of purchase will be registered against your entry. The bingo organisation will issue you the prize voucher.

Who is offering tickets in Victoria?

As at 14 May 2020, the following sites are offering ticket registrations: Ballarat Bingo, Bendigo Community Bingo, Billy Bingo, Bingo Bonanza, Carrum Gardens Bingo, Fountain Gate Bingo, Palms Bingo, Raiders Bingo, Sale Greyhounds, St Albans Bingo, Werribee Bingo and Westside Bingo.

Who is offering tickets in Queensland?

As at 14 May 2020, the following sites are offering ticket registrations: Bundaberg Big Bingo, Norths Bingo and Southside Bingo.